freeze dried candy - caramel apply salt water taffy
freeze dried caramel apply salt water taffy - close up of texture
freeze dried salt water taffy - caramel apple flavor ingredients and nutrition facts
Peachy Bean Inc

Caramel Apple Puffs - Salt Water Taffy

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Freeze dried salt water taffy candy, Caramel Apple flavor! 

The freeze dried candy process transforms chewy, sticky taffy, into light, airy cheese-puff-consistency balls of melt in your mouth goodness, with intensified flavor. Have braces? Not a problem!

Packaged in a 6" x 8.5" re-sealable Mylar bag. (40-45g per pkg)

Contains egg . May contain milk, tree nuts, peanuts.
Contient de l’œuf. Peut contenir du lait, des noix, des arachides.

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Nutrient information, ingredients, known and potential allergens are listed with each product. Please review before ordering. If you have a nut or other serious food allergy, please do not order.